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SomaWave Therapy

Version: 6.2
Category: Health & Fitness
5 day(s) ago
Price: $99.99

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SomaWave Therapy is binaural sound vibration treatment which allows one to experience deep relaxation and peace of mind, either at home or as part of a massage session with a licensed massage therapist.

SomaWave Therapy is based on the principle of resonance – i.e. all matter will respond to a unique frequency based on its physical makeup and properties. The same holds true for the human body, in that muscle tissue, knots and tension respond or resonate to specific frequencies when a range of sound waves are applied to the body.

The SomaWave Therapy App for the iPad is designed to be used with the SomaWave Therapy Sound System or other comparable system. Transducers are specially designed speakers which emphasize the vibrational aspect of sound and are used to apply sound waves to the body. Two of these transducers installed in a massage table or relaxation chair are used for Stereo Mode. The ThermaWave Sound Tool or compatible transducer is needed for Mono Mode application.

The SomaWave Therapy App generates a sinusoidal wave, the same tone produced by a tuning fork or a crystal bowl, and is often referred to as the perfect sound wave because of it's symmetrical and soothing nature. Features of the App include...

• Stereo - Mono Mode
• Low / High / Specific Frequency Selection
• Play Modes – Manual, Sweep, Step, Ramp
• Multi-direction Play
• Variable Sweep Rate
• Variable Pulse Rate (Binaurel Beat)
• Pulse Rate Auto Increment / Decrement
• Internal Volume Boost
• Time Shift Feature
• 10 Memory / Recall slots
This version enhances performance and fixes bugs.