Ballers Basketball Scoreboard
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Ruler - tape measure length
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dB meter - noise measure
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Black Eye Spin
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Silverfish DX

Version: 1.0.1
Category: Games
6 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

Based on 22 reviews. (22 reviews)
Weave your way through menacing swarms, collect Power Pods and turn the tables on your foes! The space bugs are back and tougher than ever - do you have what it takes to defeat them?

Silverfish DX delivers pure arcade action designed & refined for touchscreens.
* Fixed MFi controller "Use" button not working after starting a new game from the Game Over screen.
* Fixed a certain looping sound not stopping when it should.
* The game may occasionally ask for a star rating using the native in-app rating dialog.