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GIF Upload for Instagram - upload your gifs to Ins

Version: 1.5.0
Category: Photo & Video
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Price: $1.99

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This app helps you post GIFs to Instagram from your photo album & Dropbox.

Maybe you have some funny gifs and want to upload them to Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't support gif.
But this app can help you: convert gif to video so that you can upload the video to Instagram.

Also, you can record a funny sound or select a background music, then add them into GIF to make a Sound GIF.

Brilliant Features :
* Include a powerful GIF Player
* Quickly view all saved GIFs in your photo album
* Imports GIFs from your Dropbox
* Mix your recorded sound with GIF
* Can check the GIF's frames and save each frame easily!
* Control the play speed of a GIF : 0.5X, 2X, 4X and more
* Control the play mode of a GIF : reverse, pingpong and more
* Support 3D Touch
- Fixed some bugs
- Optimized performances