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Duct Calculator

Version: 1.3.1
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The Duct Calculator App for iPhone/iPad is a modern take on a the classic duct sizing wheel, allowing HVAC engineers, designers and contractors quickly and accurately size a new duct or calculate the performance of an existing duct on your iOS devices.

Size both round and rectangular ductwork with the ease of a traditional Ductulator. Adjust the airflow, diameter, width or height sliders with your thumbs. Get maximum precision by entering numbers directly into the the calculator. Lock friction rate, diameter or width or height to make the calculations you need for your design.

Live update of the calculated values allows you to see the impact of the changes immediately.

Outputs velocity for both round and rectangular ducts.


Enter the airflow and sizes in directly as numbers for maximum precision.
- or -
Use the airflow and size sliders for quick calculations.

Shows live equivalent round/rectangular duct sizes.

Specific dimensions can be locked to allow specific what-ifs to be quickly calculated.

Works for both IP and SI units.

You can select from a range of duct roughness categories.

Designed to allow quick calculations anywhere, anytime, it is ideal for the HVAC designer or contractor.


Locking Dimensions:

The lock symbols to the right of the duct dimensions indicate if that particular dimension is locked when calculating new equivalent values when a dimension is updated.

The Diameter can be locked or unlocked.

The Width or Height can be locked, but not both.

Using the Sliders:

Move the sliders for Airflow, Duct Diameter, Width and Height up and down to match the desired duct size to calculate velocity and pressure drop for.

The Diameter, Width and Height will change such that the equivalent size is shown:

Changing the diameter will updated either the equivalent Width or the Height, depending on which dimension is unlocked.

Changing the Width or Height will update the equivalent Diameter if it is unlocked, or the other rectangular duct dimension of the Diameter size is locked.

Direct Entry:

The values for Airflow, Diameter, Width and Height can be directly edited in the text boxes to allow quick entry of exact numbers.

Invalid entries will generate an error message, and must be corrected prior to the calculations updating.


The values for the calculated Velocity for Round Duct and Rectangular Duct are shown, as is the Pressure Drop per Length value.


This application (App) is provided for use by qualified HVAC engineers and designers in the design of air handling systems and is not a substitute for appropriate design services.

When in doubt, contact a design professional.
Updated for iOS 13 and dark mode.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.