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Version: 1.1
Category: Business
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This is an iPad order application for POSCAMCT software users.

It has the following functions:

•Provide a page flippable book like user interface for restaurant customers to choose their menu items just like a real paper menu.
(Includes MPFlipViewController by Mark Pospesel)

•Can jump page by choosing categories to save time.

•Provide both table order mode and takeaway order mode.

•Can display bilingual categories and menu items.

•Provide the same table mapping as POSCAMCT TILL for waiters choose table numbers smoothly.

•When order is saved, it will aslo been saved in POSCAMCT and print orders from both receptions and kichen printers.

•Must have Wifi in the restaurant when downloading menu and submit orders, but no network needed when customer is choosing menu.

•Keep POSCAMCT TILL running
1. Add new order user interface similar with POSCAMCT software.
2. Fix some minor bugs.