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Maquis Board Game

Version: 1.2
Category: Games
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Engage the occupation of France in la petite guerre to throw off the yoke of the oppressors and free your homeland!

Maquis is a solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals. The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals (blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers, aiding spies etc.). At the same time collaborators and soldiers patrol the area. Agents who can't make it back to the safe house at the end of the day are arrested, and never seen again.

You can choose from 9 missions to play using 6 levels of difficulty.

Original board game design: Jake Staines (
Board game art: Ilya Baranovsky (
Extra missions: Nicolas Vanbelle
Music (app, app preview): "Bushwick Tarantella Loop" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


App is created with permission from original game designer and graphic artist.
Fixes and improvements