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The EO Bar

Version: 2.2.1
Category: Health & Fitness
6 day(s) ago
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THE essential oil app, created by oil users for oil users. You will get a complete essential oil and aromatherapy education rolled into one easy to use app. With over 300 recipes and so many usage tips this is sure to become your go-to app! Get REAL methods of use and safety data plus so much more your head will spin! This is a great app to gift to a friend as it contains a solid education built into one user-friendly app. This app is Young Living specific, however there are over 200 recipes that are not company specific and the education is not company specific either so it is a great app for any and all oil users!
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Additional essential oil products included in the App.
"Soft" Updates: Full support for "soft" updating via the EO Bar App (meaning without the need for App Store updates).
What's New: The EO Bar now features and "what's new" page to describe the various changes to the App.
Connectivity Verification: Verifies the current network connection during requests for online resources to prevent errors or unexpected behavior.