Buddy Vampire
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PrimeNumber and Factorization
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Periodic Table Chemistry 4
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eXpimal - discrete math
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LexJuris App

Version: 1.0
Category: Education
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The first, the one and only application that proposes the Swiss Code of Obligations, which is always updated and available in 5 languages.

The electronic version of the Swiss Code of Obligations shall prevail on the official paper version from 01.01.2016 following the decision of the Federal Council.

LexJuris is a legal application developed mostly for legal experts, lawyers and students of law and economics, but also for everyone who is excepting to get reliable updated articles.

The application offers the most recent version of the articles of the Code of Obligations in the 4 federal languages plus English.

For better user experience, the use of an iPhone 6S or newer is recommended.

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