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Winterlore I
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Game Dev Story
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Injection Tracker & Reminder
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Remote KeyPad & NumPad [Pro]

Version: 2021.3
Category: Productivity
5 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

Based on 458 reviews. (458 reviews)
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful and elegant keyboard extension with numbers and navigation pads.

Create custom keypads for your professional tools to boost productivity.
Move freely and control your computer from across the room. No line of sight is required - the app uses WiFi to connect to your computer.

Setup is both quick and easy, just download the helper app from my website and install it on your computer and that's it.

The app exists since 2016 and has been downloaded more than 300,000 times and received very positive reviews both from users and from the press. It's actively maintained and receives frequent updates with new and exciting features.

- Numbers block
- Navigation block

- Create custom keypads to control apps and websites
- High customization of the app interface
- History of connected devices for quicker re-connection
- Wake On LAN

- Mac with macOS 10.10 or newer
- PC with Windows 7 SP1 or newer
- Free helper app, available at
- Shared network connection, WiFi or Personal Hotspot, see
* [NEW] UI refresh
* [NEW] Round key edges setting
* [FIX] Changing accent color will cause app to crash

* [NEW] UI improvements with what iOS 14 has to offer
* [NEW] Setting to choose numbers separator "." or "," or use automatic mode

* [NEW] Split prevent sleep and use proximity sensor settings

* [FIX] Crash when showing key combination enabled for some users

* [NEW] Tap with two fingers to quickly edit current keypad
* [NEW] Show key combination for keys
* [FIX] Blur background when editing a key

* [FIX] Fix loading PNG images from iCloud

* [NEW] Export/Import keypads
* [NEW] Submit your custom made keypads to the store for others to enjoy (via email)
* [NEW] Load custom icons for keypad/keys from iCloud drive
* [NEW] Setting to turn off swipe to switch keypads
* [NEW] Support for iOS 14 new features
* [FIX] Show clear icon for keys in keypad editor

* [FIX] Preserve custom title & background color when editing buttons
* [FIX] Enable copy/paste buttons when in selection mode