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Doing Windows

Version: 3.0
Category: Business
4 day(s) ago
Price: $9.99

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The App for independent small and medium business Window Cleaners!

Keep records up to date while doing your rounds.

Keep details of all your customers. Plan the jobs you do for them, and set the job cycle. Organise the jobs with similar job cycle in rounds and set the round cycle to keep a consistent routine. Your weekly todo-list is generated automatically. Finished individual jobs are rescheduled according to their repeat cycle. Rounds are scheduled to their repeat cycle from their set date. Tick off job payments and finished jobs and keep track of the payments to receive.

View, rearrange and share current week's job list and adjust planning for upcoming weeks.
View and amend your payments to receive and received payments with totals grouped by day, week, or month. Register work related expenses. Register your vehicle mileage. Export lists with the Share function via compatible apps, such as those for email or texting.
View your customer's payment history.

Uses the currency from the region setting on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

You can backup your data via iTunes (using Apps > File Sharing when you have your iOS device connected). Your app data is also stored in iCloud and can be restored that way.

This is not an app with a login for a web based system with a monthly fee. Just one single purchase for unlimited use!
- Revised user interface.
- Individual jobs on the To Do list are now displayed beyond their set next date when browsing future weeks.
- Expenses and Mileage functions improved and moved from Payments tab to the More tab.
- Customising options centralised in Settings to be found on the More tab.
- Added option to stop automatic generation of due payments for finished jobs.
- Added option to use a different house number addition separator (such as '3A', '3-A', or '3/A').
- Stability improvements.