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LitLines 3 - Caption Ideas

Version: 3.5
Category: Social Networking
1 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

Based on 118 reviews. (118 reviews)
Caption, Comment & bio Ideas for all kinds of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok

Catchy lines for Tinder to get attention, Cool comments for getting more upvotes on YT

Funny, Savage, Lovely... The app has all kinds of creative trendy meme ideas, sayings and quotes.

This app is here to make your life easy!

Can't think of what to write in your Instagram caption?
No idea what to write on your snapchat story?
Want to find a savage comment to write on your friend's post?
Want a funny line for your tinder dating profile bio? Or want a flirting massage that gets the attention of your match?
This app is here to assist you.

Find thousands of creative funny ideas for captions, comments, messages or your dating app bio.

We all been in the situation where we are trying to post a photo to Instagram but can't think of any good caption.
This app solves that, and gives you hundreds of creative, funny and amazing caption ideas to chose from.


If you are on any social media, You must have this app

You can find great ideas related to:
- Savage Quotes
- Love
- Motivation
- Life
- Me and myself
- Tinder bio ideas / Dating app pick up lines
- Song lyrics
- And many more categories


+ Copy captions
+ Jump to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook after coping
+ Search by keywords
+ Filter ideas by category
+ Mark your favorites, Use them later
+ Submit and Save your own caption ideas
+ Vote for new captions submitted by other users and copy them.
+ Caption Templates
Templates allows you to keep canned text to post in every caption. For example you may post your contact details and other social media details in every post's caption on Instagram, Now you can save it as a template and copy it whenever you want easily.
+ Create, Edit and Remove Templates
+ Add Pre-made segments to your captions such as separators and New lines characters.

+ No Ads (We hate 'em)
+ Contact Developers directly for support

Tinder, Bumble etc.
Previously named "Caption Ideas" the app is now re-named "LitLines" for easy discovery

+ The lines you have already copied now are grayed out
+ Added more categories
+ Dark mode supported.