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Baby Names: Meaning & Origin

Version: 2.0.1
Category: Lifestyle
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The huge database of names for those who want to give their child the best name. The application will show you the meaning of the name, origin, home variations and much more.

Deciding on a baby name is a tough call for most parents. Let Baby Names help you! Browse through our easy-to-use database packed with more than 46,000 names, marking your favorites as you go.

See the details of each name, including origin, meaning, and pronunciation. If you want to narrow down your options, try searching for names based on gender, origin, parts of a name and even the name meaning.

• Choose from more than 46,000 names from all over the world
• Detailed information about each name including origin, meaning, and pronunciation
• Star your favorites
• Search by name, meaning, origin, and gender or let us choose for you with the random function

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