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Little Tiger: Games for Kids

Version: 1.2.1
Category: Entertainment
7 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

Based on 321 reviews. (321 reviews)
In this app, children can experience many exciting adventures with a fire truck, a spaceship, and a submarine. Children have complete control over each vehicle and can even choose their own driver and co-driver.
? 4 cute, funny animals: panda, tiger, unicorn, and elephant.
? Super exciting interactive games and challenges.
? Stunning day and night scenes.

• Become a firefighter and take the fire truck on tour
• Put out fires with your finger
• Rescue the cat from the tree
• Clear obstacles from the road using the crane

• Ready, set, go: Launch your rocket into space
• Assemble your crew
• Head for undiscovered planets and collect stones, hearts, and diamonds using the crane
• Activate the super boost and discover new planets

• Go water-skiing and show off your cool jumps
• Race your boat over boat jumps
• Relax during a round of fishing
• You can convert the boat into a submarine: go on an underwater adventure.

Dear parents, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, and grandparents!
We hope you will enjoy our app! Many young and slightly older testers have helped us to make this app great fun for young and old.

This app can help children especially with:
? Refining their motor skills:
Skillfully guide the fire hose with your finger so that the water jet hits the fire.
? Promoting logical thinking:
Which tool should I use to lift the tree off the road?
? Developing their patience and imagination:
What planets should I visit to get stars, hearts, and stones for my spaceship?

? No advertising
? No in-app purchases
? No text, no pop-ups, easy navigation for children
? No time limits, no high-scores, no nonsense: just play time.
? For children from 3-7 years.

Let us know what you think:
Do you know our "Apple's App of the Day/Week" awarded apps:
• Tiny Pirates
• Tiny Firefighters (includes a huge winter update)

This update brings you:
• Full support for new iPhone X
• Improved fishing experience
• New variants of stones you can load your spaceship with

Dear parents,
if you like what we do, please support us and write a quick review. It only takes a minute and it really helps.
Many thanks.