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FSWidgets Airports

Version: 1.1
Category: Navigation
5 day(s) ago
Price: $9.99

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Airports for iOS (iPhone or iPad) is a handy companion app designed exclusively for flight simulation enthusiasts. For users of FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane (indeed any sim) it provides a quick and easy way to search for world-wide airport, navaid or weather information, and view terminal procedure charts (for the US).

The world aviation information database is massive! Downloading and managing it all can be prohibitive, not to mention pointless if you don't use it all. Airports solves this by delivering the data as requested, from the Cloud. Think big data without the big downloads.

Some airport information services can display data in a way that is overwhelmingly complex and hard to follow. Airports presents the more useful bits of information that flight simulation users rely on in an attractive, easy to read format.

Meteorological conditions are an important consideration for any flight and many flight sim pilots use real-world weather in their simulator. Airports will display the latest METAR (report) or TAF (forecast) if the airfield has those services.

The Airports app includes access to the full set of US TPP charts (Terminal Procedures and Airports). When viewing the information of any US airport, the app will present a list of any applicable SID, STAR, approach and airport diagram charts. The listed items can then be selected to view the PDF right within the app. This feature alone makes Airports a must-have for any sim pilot who flies in the US scenery area.

General Features List:

- Simple to use, attractively designed user interface
- Organises and displays information into easy to read sections
- Search for airports and navaids by name (e.g. San Francisco) or ICAO ident (e.g. KSFO)
- Cutting-edge mapping technologies present an initial overview of the airport or navaid
- Select the overview map to see a larger scrolling map for better orientation
- Access to the full collection of US TPP charts (Terminal Procedures and Airports)
- US TPP charts are displayed within the app using the internal PDF reader
- World-wide METAR and TAF weather information
- Tiny app size, no massive data file downloads required
- Data is retrieved as requested, meaning low bandwidth usage
- Powered by Amazon Cloud technologies (60+ content delivery servers world-wide)

General Data Coverage:

- World-wide coverage
- Over 30,000 Airports, Heliports and Seaplane bases
- Over 3,700 VOR Beacons
- Over 7,100 NDB Beacons
- Over 118,00 Intersections and Fixes

Airport Data Details:

- Overview map of airport location and layout
- Larger scrolling map of surrounding area
- Runway information includes identifier, length, width and surface type
- ILS/Localizer details include frequency, identifier, type and heading
- Radio Frequency information
- Latest METAR and TAF weather station reports
- Terminal Procedures and Airport diagrams (for US airports only)

Navaid Data Details:

- Overview map of navaid location
- Larger scrolling map of surrounding area
- Lat/lon, elevation and frequency

Chart Coverage:

- Full set of US TPP charts (Terminal Procedures and Airports)
- Charts displayed via built-in PDF reader
- Access to over 4 GB of PDF charts data
- Over 17,400 individual charts

IMPORTANT: Not for Real Flight Operations - Flight Simulation Use Only!

While the aviation information displayed within this app is sourced from real-world aviation data, please keep in mind it is not designed for real aviation usage. As a condition of use you must accept that it can be employed for flight simulation purposes only.


FSWidgets is a software development team based in Australia, specializing in add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator (Windows) and Laminar Research X-Plane. Both of its founding members have extensive experience in creating award-winning add-ons for Flight Simulator and have been active in the flight simulation community for well over a decade.
- Minor fix to better support older devices running iOS 8 & 9