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HASfit: Home Workout Routines
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Maryland Roads Traffic
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Bahá'í News
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Tap It - RHS

Version: 1.2
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Tap It! is an exciting game where players race the clock by trying to prevent an expanding dot from overtaking the screen. Tap too slow or miss the purple dot and you are out of luck. Each level increases the speed and difficulty of the game.

Getting a 100% on a level increases your rank and allows you to purchase upgrades such as more time or a bigger dot.
New in Tap it! v1.2

- Overall: Made the game more challenging
- All ranks now require 100 taps to complete regardless of upgrades
- Fixed bugs in the downgrading feature
- Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash upon completing the first rank
- The reset game button no longer resets the total taps
- Added a Rank Up screen
- Fixed a bug causing high numbers of taps to suddenly go negative
- Fixed a bug in the upgrade screen where the prices were cut off