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Oil Transport Truck Game Pro

Version: 1.1
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We’re releasing 2017’s best simulation game oil transported truck game with immense representation of reality and 3d gaming. This is the best ever animated oil tankers in android gaming market right now. If you think you are good at driving games this is the best gift for you. Take out the big monster jack out of garage and start moving because you have to travel a lot. The more skillfully you do it, more your rankings get higher.
The game is based on a marvelous idea and it is very well executed. You are a truck driver specialized in oil transportation. The job is to get your tankers filled up from the oil refinery and unload it in the far away destinations. The main task is transportation which sounds easy but driving such giant vehicles is not a piece of cake. Passing through levels, ultimately you’ll become a real Oil truck driver. Pull up your socks and get ready to take these heavy duty trucks to small gas stations, factories and far away towns.
• Multiple Vehicles
• Several Geographical Locations
• GPS tracking of cargo
• Traffic control Police
• User friendly controls
• Awesome Graphics
• Smooth game play
• Multiple camera views.
• Awesome Engine on/off sounds.
How to play
• Game can be played with buttons, tilt screen and steering wheel
• Start the truck by tapping on ignition button
• Start moving to the destination following direction.
• Pick up the cargo.
• Drive it to the unloading/delivery point.
• Drive carefully, don’t over speed.
• Follow the traffic signals and avoid collisions.
• Take money for each delivery and buy new vehicles.
• Move to next locations by completing all missions in the current locations.
Off Road River
Hill Side Environment
Realistic Control and remove
all buggs