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Shakespeare's World

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Shakespeare’s World is the perfect companion for lovers of Shakespeare and lovers of history. Historical events that impacted Shakespeare and his world feature on every day of the year. An interactive map allows you to trace Shakespeare’s movements around England and to chart the evolution of his plays. Feature articles and guides to his plays foreground their historical context. Shakespeare’s World is for you if you are studying the plays or watching them in the theatre and want fresh perspectives and new understanding.

Daily Updates - Historical context of Shakespeare’s life and works every day of the year.

Shakespeare's Plays - Introduction to Shakespeare’s plays with focus on historical influences.

Map - Extensive map offers a virtual tour of history and biography, as well as a virtual tour of Shakespeare's life.

Cross References - Cross-referenced timeline and calendar provide direct links to historical events and Shakespeare’s plays.

Search Function - Fully searchable for specific plays and dates.

Gallery - Annotated images of the people events that shaped Shakespeare's world and works.

Timeline - A linked timeline of biography, plays and historical context throughout Shakespeare’s life.
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