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Notice for Smart Watch - sync SmartWatch Bluetooth

Version: 1.0
Category: Utilities
4 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

Based on 89 reviews. (89 reviews)
Get your iPhone and SmartWatches connected in seconds! With outstanding features of "Notice for Smart Watch" you will be able to connect your watches and iPhone through Bluetooth.

Notice for Smart Watch FEATURES:
- Get all incoming calls notifications on your smartwatches
- Get sms and other notifications on your smartwatches
- Track your physical activities and sync with Apple Health
- Track your iPhone battery level with smartwatches
- Easy date and time sync between iPhone and watches
- Powerful "anti-loss" feature, that prevent you from loosing your phone

Notice for Smart Watch BONUSES:
- Powerful pulse counter
- Powerful step counter
- Powerful calories burned counter

@woodlanderder: At last, I have found great and cozy way to connect my watches and iPhone
@xoronex1: Must-have tool for every active person. Connection in seconds, high accuracy. My score is 10 of 10. Thanks to developers!
@obiwannanobi: Great looking tool for anyone who is found of sports and tech. Works great and really fast

1. While using Bluetooth connection for a long time, it can significantly reduce battery life.
2. Notice for Smart Watch requires an iOS 9.1 version or higher.
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