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LuLa Photo Collage

Version: 1.2.2
Category: Business
5 day(s) ago
Price: $8.99

Based on 110 reviews. (110 reviews)
Your new LuLaRoe inventory just arrived, and now it is time to photograph them. Here are four tips to having high-quality photos that will beg your customers to comment Sold!

1 - Photo collages can help your products stand out.
2 - Size, model and price labels helps your client's decision.
3 - Consistency builds trust. All your pictures should have the same look and feel.
4 - High-quality inventory pictures are one of the essential pieces of your business.

You can SELL MORE by getting inventory to market faster than ever.

### Introducing LuLaPhoto!
LuLaPhoto is a smart, intuitive app to help Fashion Consultants taking high-quality inventory photos that will beg customers to comment Sold! Having clean and professional looking photographs is key to a successful LuLaRoe experience.

### Main Features
Outfit Mode or Single item.
Multiple collage templates to help you sell more.
Smart cards for model, size and price tags.
Automatically pricing and size matching
Color and branding customization to stand out from the crowd.
Square & portrait crop methods
Use photos already on your phone
Save photos directly to your device or use Share Extension

### Additional Features:
- Outfits or single items
- Predefined style & size selections for your LuLaRoe™ inventory
- Full-screen camera with zoom, focus, & flash capabilities
- Custom profile & up-close pattern overlays
- High-resolution image output
- In-app 'memory' so your photos are consistently styled the same
- Ability to save original photos in addition to custom photos
- Real-time photo editing (never leave the editor screen)
- Add a custom text overlay for multi-item outfits
Hi there! How are you today?

Hope you and your business are having an amazing time, getting lots of SOLD comments on the photos you've created using LuLa Photo!

I know how much this app is important to you. Thanks for all messages, feedbacks, bug reports and support.

# Here's what's new:
- New styles added!
- Bug fixes for iPad Pro: Some users reported a camera bug on iPad Pro. It's fixed now.

Let me know if you need anything, ok?