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Slide Puzzle, puzzle game

Version: 1.5
Category: Entertainment
23 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

Not rated
* Do you remember a simple mobile puzzle board? That is, with many 80 years after the childhood puzzle board, and now it embarked on a smart phone, so you continue to memorize the classic of that era.
* Tight and fast pace of life, it is difficult to suppress the heart of irritability, and occasionally play a very patience of the innocent patience.

* Can train judgment, exercise your patience.
* Can customize the game picture, want to fight what to fight what.
* All ages, the degree of difficulty depends on the complexity of the picture.
* Can change the game background skin, so that the game interface becomes more harmonious.
* No advertising, no longer have to worry about being disturbed.
* No network requirements, no need to worry about spending network data.
* Automatic archiving, this time did not finish, next time to continue.
* Other features look forward to your discovery.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please send an email to:
- Fit iPhone X
- Optimize interaction

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