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2048X AI - 2048 with AI solver
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Smartwrite - English Lessons
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CrVid - Great video editor!

Version: 1.2.0
Category: Photo & Video
5 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

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CrVid - Easily video cropping tool

Why should you use CrVid?
- Remove unwanted areas
You want to remove an object or unwanted part from a video, CrVid provides tools to do it easily.
- Edit and add more sound
You can position video’s soundtrack easily or replace it with a song from your library.
- Adjust speed of video
- Reverse video
- Trim video
- Save as project to edit later
- Export highest quality, support to export Gif file

Very easy to use!!!
Just add your video to the app, resize and crop your video with a pinch of your fingers, save it to the camera roll or share it on other apps, Facebook, Instagram, Email,...

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* Update new user interface for iPhone and iPad.
* Show project name.
* Add gesture swipe left/right to close left menu in projects list screen.
* Add gesture swipe down to close sub bar in edit project screen.
* Show waveform for audio.
* Optimize performance.
* Fix bugs.