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Horse Simulator: Magic Kingdom Full

Version: 1.0
Category: Games
10 day(s) ago
Price: $179.99

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*** This is a full and ad-free version of Horse Simulator: Magic Kingdom ***

Ride a horse herd in a fantasy kingdom in a new animals survival game!

Horse Simulator: Magic Kingdom offers a life of a magic horse in the nature of a fantasy kingdom. Charm of fantasy kingdom will captivate you in our animals survival simulator. Create an animal family and start a fantasy adventures! Kingdom waits for your herd of merry magic horses galloping across fantasy landscapes!

Horse Simulator: Magic Kingdom features:

- Magic horse herds
- Foal breeding
- Friendly and hostile animals
- Survival and quests
- Open kingdom
- Fantasy nature simulator

Herd simulator!
Look for other magic horse to start a herd and explore the fantasy land of the kingdom in company. Survival in a kingdom is unlike mundane horse life. Breed foals and explore the nature of our simulator together. Feel the magic of horse survival games in the kingdom of magic horse simulator! Are you ready for survival in fantasy kingdom nature?

Nature and animals!
Fantasy nature needs your horse herd to be strong. So do whatever helps the herd’s survival. Magic horse needs food and water like any other. Fighting animals and breeding foals is necessary for survival in fantasy kingdom. Every horse, magic or not, adapts for survival. Dangerous magic of a fantasy kingdom will challenge your herd!

Fantasy kingdom survival!
Survival of magic horse herd involves magic. Lead your herd to survival in struggle with fantasy nature and animals. Nature calls you to fairy tale life and survival of magic horse! Feel the magic of fantasy around - why be a horse when you can be a magic horse in a kingdom?

Ride through the fantasy kingdom of animal survival simulator with your magic horse herd in Horse Simulator: Magic Kingdom!
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