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Version: 3.0
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View and share wellbore directional and lithology data in 3D.

- Proximity analysis between a maximum of 7 curves.
- Drilling window in 3D when logged in.
- Compare wellbore surveys to closest point on well plan.
- Compare wellbore survey measured depth to corresponding measured depth on well plan.
- View gamma and ROP plots along the wellbore curve.
- View lithology along along wellbore curve.
- Toolfaces in 3D.
- Push Notifications communicate proximity information with out opening app or click for latest survey view point.
- Log in to effortlessly email link to team members that opens 3D view in web browser with drilling window. (app not required by recipients)
- Log Out and modify wellbore data on mobile device, then synchronize with cloud when convenient.

- Work offline requires no wifi connection or subscription to view proximity to well plan.
-Gamma & ROP Display.
-3D Toolfaces.
-Lithology Display.
-Bug Fixes.