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Version: 1.5.5
Category: Photo & Video
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Price: $3.99

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Camera-M is designed to do one thing and one thing exceptionally well — to help you capture beautiful photos with incredibly powerful and precise manual camera controls. There are no filters to be distracted by, or additional purchases to worry about. Instead, there is a well-thought-out and beautiful interface that keeps irrelevant elements out of your way.

– Focus Tracking powered by the Machine Learning framework*
– Depth Photo mode with f/1.0 aperture simulation*
– Dual Photo mode with simultaneous wide-angle and telephoto lens shots*
– Focus Peaking with 4x Magnifier powered by Metal framework*
– Live Highlight and Shadow Alerts for clipped areas
– Live RGB and RGB Luminance histograms
– Manual Gray Card mode for a precise White Balance point
– Minimized Compression option for HEIF and JPEG image files*
– Complete Exif metadata support
– Golden Hour widget with sunrise/sunset and sun position indicators
– Designed for proper user experience in landscape orientation
– Fully optimized for iPhone X and the Super Retina Display
– True one-handed operation on all iPhone models
– Built and optimized for incredibly quick launches

– Manual focus control
– Focus Tracking powered by Machine Learning framework*
– Focus Peaking powered by Metal framework*
– 4x Magnifier with full support for panning
– Macro and Scene presets for fast switching between the focus modes

– Manual exposure bias control with exposure offset gauge
– Live Highlight and Shadow Alerts for clipped areas
– Manual ISO and Exposure Duration adjustments
– ISO priority mode with semi-automatic Exposure Duration
– Exposure Duration priority mode with semi-automatic ISO
– Live RGB and RGB Luminance histograms

– Manual White Balance temperature control
– Manual Red and Green tint control
– Gray Card mode for complete control over setting a precise White Balance point
– Live RGB Luminance histogram
– Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy and Shade presets

– View the entire collection of photo albums on your device
– Exif Summary provides a quick and convenient look at standard metadata information
– Map Data with compass heading and elevation level
– Beautiful and informative RGB and RGB Luminance histograms
– Full Exif metadata dictionary displays every available technical detail associated with an image

– Digital zoom with 10x range
– Available manual switching between wide-angle and telephoto lenses on devices with dual cameras

– RAW with optional high resolution JPEG preview and optical image stabilization*
– Optional saving of original Depth Photo image file with corresponding depth data information*
– Live Photo*
– HEIF with Standard and Minimized Compression*
– JPEG with Standard and Minimized Compression
– P3 Wide Color Gamut support*

– Depth Photo*
– Dual Photo*
– Live Photo*
– Single Shot
– Burst Mode
– Timer Mode with 2/5/10/30 second increments

– Straightforward access to geo location status
– Horizon level with available pitch tracking and flat options
– Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Quadrant and Square grids
– Exact technical specifications for the camera modules on a current device

– Quick access to several key functions and modes
– Displays accurate sunrise/sunset and Golden Hour information for current location
– Displays current sun position for a better visual reference

Camera-M is powered exclusively by native APIs and frameworks. There are no dependencies on outside sources. Zero. So, you can count on Camera-M to be consistent and efficient, down to its small download size. Best of all, Camera-M launches without any hesitation. Every single time.

We hope you enjoy taking amazing photos with Camera-M!

* These features are available on supported devices only.
This update improves overall performance and addresses minor issues.
- Simplified camera mode selection.