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GodFind game is a word finder game. Game requires a little word knowledge of English, Spanish, and Hebrew. Now 152 puzzles, puzzles with Hebrew matrix(14X15), and puzzles with English matrix(14X15). Click matrix buttons with finger or stylus to set or reset letters. May use SHOW button before starting each puzzle to see the answers or else play without using the SHOW button. Always click the WORD button after the answer/word is selected. For a new puzzle, click the MOVE+ or MOVE- buttons to page(1-150), then click PAGE button when page/puzzle is decided. If game gets stuck, just press PAGE button and start over. Thanks. Lehitraot Amigos.
Spanish words now have acecent marks. Four new verb conjugation puzzles have bben added. Now Godfind game has 84 verb conjugration puzzles out of 152 puzzles and now many puzzles have new words.