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Game Dev Story
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RegEx Lab: Regular Expressions

Version: 1.12.0
Category: Developer Tools
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RegEx Lab - test regular expressions

• Highlighting of regex syntax and of matches and capture groups.
• Choose the color of the match highlights
• Results List View which lists all the matches and capture groups.
• Replace feature
• Dark theme (by default) based on the Solarized color palette
• Themes to choose from (light/dark)
• A handy cheatsheet which tells you about the different operators, option flags and metacharacters.
• An extra row of keyboard keys for common special characters
• Undo / Redo quick access buttons
• Support for Dynamic Type (iOS Settings Text Size)
• Works perfectly with iOS Multitasking - in Split View or as a Slide Over app.
• Export / Import feature

Questions, suggestions, issues?

Made by Nikolay Suvandzhiev
• New feature - Previous / Next match - in the Editor you now have a 'Previous' and 'Next' match buttons which highlight the selected match.

Also in recent updates:
• You can sort the regular expressions list by name, date created or date last modified