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Songwriter Professional

Version: 1.85
Category: Music
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1000’s of creators have written more than 4,500 songs using Songwriter Pro! From beginners to professionals, improve your creative process by taking advantage of our exclusive features below:

? Rhyme Search (for when you just can’t seem to finish off a rhyme)
? Phrase Search (helps you get beyond writer’s block by providing more complete ideas)
? Word Search (let the app help you find words based on different moods like: love, anger, hope, fear, etc.)
? Audio Recording (for those who prefer to record their ideas)
? Audio Importing (import your instrumentals to keep you inspired while writing)
? Export your songs to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, email, or your preferred location
? Create an unlimited # of songs (help us reach 10,000 songs!)

If you’re happy with your experience, please leave us a review and provide any suggestions so we can continue to improve Songwriter Pro for our community.
Here at Songwriter Pro, we are constantly striving to improve the app to provide a better experience for our users. We’ve listened to your latest feedback and have incorporated the following in our most recent update:

- ability to export to google, dropbox, email, or any other default iOS exporting options
- added record and text buttons to the homepage for quick access
- highlight a word for quick access to Rhyme Search

Bug Fixes:
- solved an issue related to renaming and deleting songs
- solved issue where song structure (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) was not correctly displayed upon export
- fixed design issues that were visible on iPhone X
- fixed a bug that forced the app to crash after doing multiple recordings

As always, please leave us your suggestions and feedback at so we can continue to improve your experience!

Thank you for being a part of this community.

Songwriter Pro Team