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Cannabis News Pro
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Fury Streets
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ETA - Arrive on time
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ARvid - AR Camera

Version: 1.4.7
Category: Photo & Video
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ARvid lets you add 3D animated objects into your real world and take videos and photos to share with friends

3D Text and Emojis
Place 3D animated emojis and 3D text with amazing effects around you.
Type whatever you want and customize your text by choosing from a range of colors, fonts and effects: Fire, Love, Winged, Clouds, Smoke, Glass, Confetti, Stars, Cosmic energy, Gold, Flowers, Rotating.

Role Play
Add your own bodyguards, Witness a flying saucer, Sing like a star with a golden mic, Place the columns of Zeus, Freeze your friends with an ice cube, Hurry up! the press is waiting.

3D Painting
Unleash your creativity by 3D painting with just your device. Choose from a range of brushes and colors to paint objects around you or to create a masterpiece. No painting skills required. Caution: 3D Painting can be very addictive.

Launch a rocket, Blast your floor, Add a Tornado, Witness the moon fracture, Meteorite Impact, Falling rocks, Crack your floor

Burn your real world with a Flamethrower, Shoot Fireballs, Place a fire, Make it rain fire, Add Smoke, Draw with fire, Place a Circle/Box/Line of fire, Trap your friends with Fire, Fireworks
+ New colors in 3D Painting and 3D text
+ ARvid is now in Spanish too