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Faceit: Guess Me, Food, Age

Version: 2.0
Category: Photo & Video
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Faceit is the best app for prediction of the environment, face, food and so on. Just take a photo or choose any photo from your library. It's very simple to use even for small kids. Behind this app, there is a hard work that was done by our team. The main feature of the app is AI(Artificial Intelligence).

~~~What is AI?~~~
AI(artificial intelligence) is a kind of program that thinks itself and in our case predicts everything about your photo. It thinks itself and predicts how it wants to. The more you use this application, the more it learns and develops by itself. It will start to predict more accurately.

~~~Which guesses do AI gives you when you take a selfie?~~~
When you take a selfie AI will give a guess about your gender, age, skin color, and ethnicity.

~~~How many models are there in the app?~~~
This app is divided into 6 models. They are:
General - Prediction of everything AI(Artificial Intelligence) sees in your photo)
Demographics - Prediction of your age, gender, skin color and ethnicity
Nudity - Prediction of nudity in visual content
Celebrity - Prediction of celebrities
Color - Prediction of dominant colors present in your media in hex number (#000000)
Apparel - Prediction of clothes, accessories and other fashion related items
Food - Prediction of food, dishes, food items
-Bug fixes
-Prediction improvements
-Design improvements