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World Clock Time Today Widget

Version: 1.8.8
Category: Travel
2 day(s) ago
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Bring to you the accurate time about any timezone in the world with widget support for your iOS devices.

It is very useful for the foreign businessmen or people in the foreign countries to check your time and your client/customer local time.

You do not need to change your system timezone to check other timezones, just turn on your phone's screen check the widget.


* Multi-clock face widget support

* Support 23,000+ cities and timezones around the world

* Convenient world clock, time CONVERTER

* Multiple clocks display support

* Day/Night time indicator with location's sunrise/sunset time or your manual preferred set time

* Beautiful analog and digital clock display

* Support civilian and military time format

* Easy to add and manage clocks

* Display relative or absolute date to your current time zone
- Update to support iOS 12
- Bug fixes and other improvements