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Low Light

Version: 1.21
Category: Photography
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Price: $4.99

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How It Works:
Low Light advanced algorithms to take light hidden to the eye become visible. If you have an IPhone SE or higher you can also turn on enhanced mode which triggers the most advanced low light algorithm available on the app store.

Low Light uses touch gestures such as drawing letters to control the app. This is a much quicker system than buttons and allows for the entire camera screen to be seen.

To see full list of commands draw a lowercase h


- No Ads

- Supports 4K Photos.

- Can record video Up to 240 frames per second. (Great for romantic videos in the dark)

- Powerful Drawing Algorithms (Draw letters to control camera)

- Enhanced Mode (Intelligently detect the best way for the camera to see low light clearest)

- 5 Night Vision Modes

- Flashlight

- Resizable Window

- 2 Drawing Modes

Enhanced mode works by smartly detecting the best way for the phone to detect light and takes a few seconds to configure.

users can take photos in the dark in ultra 4k clarity.

There are 5 modes and 3 frame rate options if your camera supports them.

Low Light Controls :
- Lowercase h = View Controls
- Pinch = Change Exposure
- C = Change Camera Mode
- P or Volume Buttons = Picture
- U = Switch Cameras
- L or Right Line = Flashlight
- R = Resize
- I = Focus
- S = Framerate (3 FPS (Enhanced Mode) / 240 FPS)
- N = Change Draw Type
- O = Record and Stop

Reminder: Remember to draw a lowercase h to see commands in app
Changed Icon
Start Off in 240 FPS
Upcoming: Maximize Focus Abilities for Pictures and Videos
For any feature requests or bug problems please email
We take your opinions very seriously and strive to give you the best low light camera app available.