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Version: 2.0.1
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CineScout is an easy-to-use director's viewfinder. Made for filmmakers, by filmmakers. CineScout is designed to be fast, intuitive, and helpful on set.

**CineScout is designed to be a compositional aid, and used as a reference. The framing and field of view presented in CineScout may vary slightly when compared to the real cameras.**

CineScout allows for previewing cinema camera & lens combinations with no distractions. A beautiful interface allows you to focus on whats in front of the camera. Settings are easily changed while scouting by swiping up with two-fingers.

Included is a long list of common motion picture camera & lens sets. To see what lenses & cameras are supported, visit:

-Manual Camera Control
Precise manual exposure controls that respond to intuitive gestures.

-Auto-Save to Photos
CineScout can act just like your camera app. Once enabled, photos save right to your photos library in seconds. All formatted to your custom aspect ratio & metadata preferences.

-Intuitive Gesture Controls
Change lenses, settings, and exposure using tap and swipe gestures.

-Record 4K Video
Shoot video storyboards in the aspect ratio of your project.

-Create Shot Lists
Save shots into different lists to organize your projects.

All photos taken include metadata like lens information, time of day, location, and sunset/sunrise times.
This update fixes a bug when the viewfinder would launch in the incorrect orientation and appear jumbled. Thanks to everyone who helped us sort it out!