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Hatch: Focus for Students

Version: 1.4.4
Category: Education
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Hatch rewards you for reading, studying, and completing homework. Unlock rare creatures with your focus energy and collect them all in your zoo. Be on the lookout for elite, legendary, and limited edition creatures. Focus sessions of 25 minutes or longer guarantees at least a rare species.

-Creature Key-
Common: Green
Uncommon: Blue
Rare: Purple
Legendary: Gold 
Elite: Electric Black or Red
Limited Edition: Varies 

How it Works iPhone: 
1. Set your Hatch timer from 5 to 120 minutes 
2. Stay focused without leaving the app 
3. Enter the goal or other information for this session 
4. Hatch your new friend 

-How it Works iPad-
1. Set your Hatch timer from 5 to 120 minutes 
2. You may let the timer run in the background 
3. Complete your task 
4. Hatch your new friend 

Parents & Teachers: 
Hatch utilizes positive behavioral reinforcement as a way to reward students for staying focused and completing tasks. We recommend starting off with shorter sessions, 5-10 minutes, and gradually increasing the focus sessions as your child or student becomes accustomed to staying focused for longer periods of time without interruption.

Pro Tip: Create a family or class focus group. Give your group a fun name and compete to see who can log the most focus minutes in the family. Set your Hatch timer for 25-30 minutes at night and let everyone in the family curl up with their favorite book and come together when it’s time to see what everyone has hatched. 

Endorsed by Order out of Chaos (@orderoutofchaos) as a tool to help students with ADHD or those who are otherwise easily distracted
• QUARANTINE and chill! We turned the radio back on.
• NEW creatures coming. soon. stay on the look out.