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Version: 1.28
Category: Games
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“Celtreos” is like the space shooters of decades past: tiny ship, big weapons, waves of foes, power-ups and obstacles.

Gameplay is enhanced by sound effects, voice, and over 15 different songs (30 minutes of music!). You can even play your own music and auto-next-song for key game events.

There are several stages, playable in any order, each ending with a challenging boss. Wall layouts and spawn patterns are partially randomized so you never know quite what to expect.

Choose one of five different ships, and create your arsenal from a huge selection of weapons! The game plays very differently based on your choices: obstacles are harder to clear with larger ships, and weapons may travel only in certain directions or have other special features.


It was a new era of civilization. The Colonies grew over many planets. Countless souls, once desperate and nomadic, held peaceful dwellings in the cosmos.

The settlements were impressive. The defenses were not.

With alarming haste and no declaration of war, mysterious raiders emerged above multiple planets of the Colonies and invaded.

Time is slipping away. Armed only with a small ship and prototype devices from your research facility, you must make a stand.
• New “Weaver Series” weapon array is available!
• Animation improvements, including new “Lightning” effect.