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Spend Stack: Budget Tracker

Version: 1.4.4
Category: Finance
4 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

Based on 335 reviews. (335 reviews)
Spend Stack can be your budget manager, an ad-hoc shopping list or expense tracker all in one place. It's simply the best way to create a list where you want to associate monetary values to each of its items. We are the only app that can keep a to-the-penny (or whatever your currency is) running total. You can think of it as a cross between a shopping list and a budgeting app.

And, unlike other financial apps we are heavily focused on privacy - we can’t view any of your data, and there is no account creation required! So you can now stop wondering where your money goes every month and start spending it the right way with the world’s easiest budgeting app.

• Track subscriptions you have (for apps, services, gyms, etc.)
• Organize your spending
• Create grocery lists
• Expense tracking
• Birthday, Christmas, or other holiday lists
• "Envelope" budgets
• Track home renovation costs
• Expense reports
• Vacation budgets or planning
• Make a chore list and share it with kids, and note how much each task "earns"
• ...or any other general-purpose list.

• Import your Apple Card® statements with one tap
• Categorize and organize your lists using tags
• Supports every currency
• Price items by a set amount, by weight or recurring pricing (for subscriptions).
• Enter costs by having sales tax applied *
• Price produce by weight or add discounts
• Add images, notes, rich links and more to your items for more detailed information
• Share your lists! Collaborate in real-time with others. Perfect for sharing gift wishlists or shopping lists with your favorite people (Pro feature)
• iCloud sync support
• Export your lists as a .pdf, image or text
• Flexible! Create a list with sales tax automatically applied, use checkboxes or do neither of those to keep it a simple list
• Privacy-Focused. Unlike many other financial apps, we require absolutely no sign up or account creation and we see none of the data you enter. Your “account” is your Apple ID that you’re already signed into.

• Dynamic type accessibility support
• Dark mode
• Drag and drop (even multiple things at once!)
• Keyboard support
• Multiple spaces on iPadOS
• And much more!

• "Anybody who needs a list that involves money will find a solution in Spend Stack." - Andy Ihnatko
• "Spend Stack is a truly high-quality, well designed new app." - Ryan Christoffel, MacStories
• "Spend Stack is both easy and fun to use." - Mac | Life Magazine
• "I love everything about Spend Stack. Go get it." - David Bressler, The Elephant's Paycheck
• Plus, we're featured by the App Store in multiple territories!




* Sales tax lookup is available in the United States only.

Terms And Conditions:

Privacy Policy:
This update fixes some bugs and adds some more logic to how lists are displayed. Lists will now appear exactly as they were when last viewed, so you can maintain the sorting and collapse state of tagged groups. Email us at to let us know how we did, and thank you for using Spend Stack!