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Hatchi - A retro virtual pet
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Boating USA
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Fuse - Home & Music Control

Version: 1.9
Category: Lifestyle
10 day(s) ago
Price: $5.99

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Fuse allows you to control your entire home from a single beautiful app!

Fuse has support for:
- Apple HomeKit Devices (currently lights, locks, fans, and thermostats)
- Apple TV
- SONOS Speakers
- Roku
- ChromeCast (audio & video & google home)
- Time & Weather* display (iPad only)

Fuse will pull in the album or video art for what you're currently enjoying, incorporating the colors into it's display for a unique and customized view just for that moment. You can perform many functions such as full remote control of the Apple TV (media and remote controls), media control of ChromeCast and Sonos, and control of your HomeKit devices.

On your watch control your media players right from your watch! Adjust the volume with the digital crown and even start Sonos playlists!

Fuse groups your HomeKit devices into cards by room and respects any groupings you may have set up in other HomeKit applications.

* Weather data is provided by OpenWeatherMap
Last update was about lights, this time Sonos gets some love
- Ability to play Sonos Favorites right from Fuse (works from the watch app too!)
- Ability to toggle shuffle mode
- Ability to toggle repeat mode

New menu on cards that allows you to hide or refresh individual cards right from the card itself
Fixed some bugs