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Version: 1.1.0
Category: Utilities
17 day(s) ago
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Inspired by On Kawara's "Today Series", DaySaver is a subtle and elegant dashboard showing the time, date, weather and news headlines tailored specifically to wherever you are in the world. Perfect on an iOS device sat on your desk next to your main display, and customisable to your decor, looking good and keeping you informed.

From January 4, 1966, Kawara created a series of paintings consisting entirely of the date on which the painting was created in simple white lettering against a solid background, and always in the format of the country in which it is conceived. The spirit of the pieces is captured here in the time, the date, the local weather and the news headlines where you are in the world. Simply tap the screen, or wait for the auto refresh to cycle the information and watch the background gently blend between beautiful colours.
Fixed an issue where a single corrupt News title could prevent the entire News from being shown.