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Hemocytometer Sidekick

Version: 1.1.6
Category: Productivity
15 hour(s) ago
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Make cell counting with a hemocytometer effortless!

You know the drill--time to count cells for your experiment. Get out the hemocytometer and squeaky mechanical counter, prepare your dilution, fill the chamber, then look under the scope and start pushing the lever. Get to the end of a square, write down the count, reset the counter, and repeat. Finally, try to remember the right calculation, then write down the result.

What if you didn't need the squeaky counter? The scrap paper? A manual calculator?

Sure, you *could* get an expensive, fancy cell counter with wasteful disposables. But why do that when a $5 app is nearly as good?

Hemocytometer Sidekick eliminates those annoyances. Record one or two counters for all samples with automatic calculations (including viability), and use the full grid or the center square. Data is saved for you, so you can record it in your notebook at your convenience.

Hemocytometer Sidekick, designed from the ground up by a biologist, will make your life in the lab so much easier!

- Optimized for eyes-free operation (large buttons, sounds)
- Use the large 3x3 grid or zoom in to the center 5x5 grid for smaller cells
- One or two counters available, plus viability counter
- Automatic calculations
- Data stored securely on your device
- No network connection required
Fixed some visual bugs.