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787 Flow Trainer

Version: 4.0
Category: Education
5 day(s) ago
Price: $10.99

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The 787 Flow Trainer is made with love from me to you.

Why did I create this app?
I don´t think you need to flip a switch to practice flows, it´s just taking a lot of time, flow training should go quick!

It´s loaded with everything from normal procedures, preflight to secure, memory items, maneuvers and limitations.

Why I think experienced 787 pilots can use this tool as well?
Before the SIM session, it´s amazing to have the flight deck layout in front of you to increase the feeling of reality, speed up your SIM study and reduce mind drifting.

The 787 Flow Trainer is working just as good with your iPhone as with your iPad.

Fly safe!
- Adaption for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.
- Improvements of the flight deck resolution.
- Text update