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Open Sea Map Navigator

Version: 1.0
Category: Navigation
7 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

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Nautical information such as seamarks and nautical lights are shown on OpenSeaMap.
Also shows details about the harbor, traffic routes, and much more.

App Functionality:

Settings (units/Compass/Favorites..)
Weather (Current conditions)
Measure (Area/Length)
GPS Info (Lat/Lon Speed..)
Camera (Photo/video)


- Free worldwide sea chart
- Exact GPS location - Determine your location automatically.
- Change map modes
- Change units
- Display Compass ( True / Magnetic ) Values
- Know the weather conditions of any place
- Measure area/length on the Charts
- take pictures using camera
- Share on social media or through mails
- Zoom IN/OUT

User Friendly Design
Developer with latest technology
Fully Functional App
Universal app (supports all devices)
share with everybody through instant messaging clients and email
All the cool features & updates are available with no restrictions & ads

App is not for navigation
App needs a fast Internet connection 3g,4g or wifi.
OpenSeaMap is part of OpenStreetMap.
No release note