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Boxes Tower : Full

Version: 1.0
Category: Games
4 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

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It is a fun strategy game for all ages. The object is to build a tower from the colored boxes as tall as possible. The boxes will quickly move left and right across the screen. Players must tap at the right moment to release the block and drop it onto another block. The timing of the drop is important.

If some part of a block fails to land on the block beneath, then your game gets over. If the dropped block fails to make a contact with any part of the block beneath it, the game will be over. If you manage to drop at least a little part of a block onto an another block, the game continues.

Features include :-

1) Simple UI
2) Addictive gameplay
3) Cool music and sound effects
4) View your current and best scores anytime
5) Different difficulty modes- Easy, Medium and Hard
6) Nice animation
7) No IAP, universal game and awesome gameplay!

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