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Chained Dots : Full

Version: 1.0
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Chained Dots (also known as Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Line Game, Smart Dots, or, simply, the Dot Game) is a popular pencil and paper game for two players. The mobile version of this popular game eliminates the use of pen or pencil while keeping the fun level intact.

Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turns, adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two unjoined adjacent dots. A player who completes the fourth side of a 1×1 box earns one point and takes another turn. (The points are typically recorded by placing in the box an identifying color of the player). The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner of the game is the player with the most points. The board size ranges from 5*5 to 10*10.

The game begins with a phase of more-or-less random connecting of dots, where the only strategy is to avoid adding the third side to any box. This continues until all the remaining (potential) boxes are joined together into chains – groups of one or more adjacent boxes in which any move gives all the boxes in the chain to the opponent.

Features include :-

1) Simple UI
2) Addictive gameplay
3) Cool music and sound effects
4) Play against the computer or friends
5) Nice animation
6) No IAP, universal game and awesome gameplay!

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