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Version: 1.2
Category: Education
5 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

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Recommended: iPhone 6s and later.

Shine4Sign is designed for teachers to quickly and easily create fun lessons to teach kids their local sign language. Several template lessons are ready to download in-app to get you started.... And they're free!

Although the sample sign videos in these templates are in Auslan, they are ready for you to edit and replace with your own language videos.

If students need to download your lessons on their own devices, you can create an Author account which allows you to upload your games to the cloud ready to be downloaded onto student's devices.

- Customisable PIN code access to sensitive areas and actions in the app. Parents and teachers can breathe easy when little ones are using the app.
- Lessons can only be downloaded from trusted sources. These trusted sources are Authors who you have personally added to your Author list, like a parent or teacher. You can only search and add Authors who have personally told you their Author name.
- In the lesson creator when selecting button pictures or game background images, we replaced the limited library of in-app pics with a selection of websites to download free images from. The websites open within Shine4Sign to make navigating more convenient. Simply search any of these websites for the pics you want for your game and save them to your photo album to then import into the lesson.

- Updated the support email