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Lab Values 4

Version: 1.0.1
Category: Medical
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With Laboratory values ??Pro, you can quickly and easily find out about blood laboratory values.?This laboratory app gives physicians and non-medical professionals a generally understandable, quickly navigable and clearly structured overview of the most important routine laboratory parameters and possible causes of their increase and decrease. The laboratory values ??can be found alphabetically in menu item A-Z as well as under the respective categories. The standard values ??are given in both the old units and SI units.

The content presented here is for neutral information and general education only and in no case replaced personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician. No medical decision may only be based on results and information of this program - Laboratory Values ??Pro App. We point out that neither remote diagnosis nor therapy suggestions are made for the individual case.
?For each laboratory value a short information can be queried quickly. The individual brief information is formulated in a generally understandable way and provides an overview of the indication, function and task of the respective laboratory value.?For each laboratory value numerous possible causes of their increase and decrease will be indicated.?Laboratory Pro gives the user an overview of the most important routine laboratory parameters including hematology, differential blood counts, clinical chemistry, blood clotting, Quick, INR, electrolyte balance, tumor markers and blood gas analysis.?In addition to classic scrolling, the program enables quick navigation between laboratory name, abbreviation of laboratory value, standard value, differential diagnostic interpretation of increase and decrease in value (especially for physicians, medical students, interested lay people). An additional search bar allows the targeted search for the desired laboratory value.

Exhaustion / fatigue?    
Hair loss check?    
Thyroid check?    
trace elements?    
Stress check?    
Toxic elements?    
Atherosclerosis indicators?    
Cardiac diseases?    
Diabetes check?    
Carbohydrate metabolism?    
Bone metabolism?    
electrolyte balance?    
Inflammation paramters?    
Iron metabolism?    
Lipid Metabolism?    
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