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CBG Coronary Bifurcation Eng

Version: 1.0.2
Category: Medical
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CBG is an app about coronary bifurcation techniques. It includes the most used bifurcation coronary angioplasty routines.

CBG presents every step of each procedure, and compares all the different techniques. It'll will guide you in an intuitive way, with text, image and audio support, to develop the process from beginning to end precisely, without missing any step.

CBG contains an algorithm to help you take best decision, considering different variables: bifurcation anatomy, and the needed material.

CBG introduces —at the beginning of each technique, pros and cons of the method, making it easier to select the most appropriate procedure, based on your cath lab resources.

How to perform the 'Reverse guide' Technique.
- Best audio quality.
- Performance optimization.