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HUJI VIDEO - Retro Camcorder
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Pro Mirror Cast for TCL TV
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Articulate it! Pro
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Coach Clip Board ELITE

Version: 1.0
Category: Sports
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-In this 'Elite' Version, you can access about 200 plays which are used in actual pro leagues all over the world (This plays are not deployed in 'Pro' and 'Lite' version ).

-In this 'ELITE' version of Coach Clip Board, there are no bothering ads and no limit for registering plays ( 'Lite' is limited in 12 plays ).

-Create your own call play for basketball (or copy from basketball broadcast).

-You can categolize your play into 12 playtype such as 'Pick&roll' and '3pt'.

-You can count how many success and failure you have had by plays you create.

-You can give color to your plays depending on importance level of it. This makes it easy fou you to decide what play you want to use in cluch situation.
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