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JourneyCalc - Cost Calculator

Version: 4.1.1
Category: Travel
7 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

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All in one journey cost calculator.

This app will calculate:
• The fuel cost of a journey, using your vehicle's MPG
- These can be stored and exported in .csv format

• The driving distance between two given places, using:
- Your current location and a destination address
- Two addresses
- A start and end odometer reading

• Your vehicle's mpg

• Many different unit conversions:
- Lengths/Distances: cm, in, ft, m, yd, km, mi
- Measurements: Imperial Gallons, US Gallons, Litres
- Efficiencies: Imperial MPG, US MPG, Litres/100km

This is great for quickly working out how much you are spending on any journey, allowing you to claim back any money owed from friends, family, work, etc.
- Improved distance calculation performance
- Map improvements

Previous update:
- Added a map when calculating the distance between two locations

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