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Bricks Arkanoid <-->

Version: 1.0
Category: Games
10 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

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Please Note: This app is free, no IAP, cool gameplay and optimized user interaction.

The objective of this game is simple : Break all the bricks on the screen using the ball.

Also known as Arkanoid or Bricks Breaker where players use the swipe or the accelerometer to control the paddle that keeps the ball from falling down. The game ends when the player's ball falls down. Hitting certain bricks can affect the game in different ways, like getting an extra life or missiles.

Features include :-

* Awesome gameplay
* Clean UI
* Nice music and sound effects
* Cool animations
* Over 101 levels (more to be added soon)
* Random levels everytime
* Different power ups (green brick gives life whereas orange brick gives missiles for easy level completion)
* Tilt phone or touch and drag to move paddle
* Super mode which allows you to advance to a new level after hitting four bricks
* No IAP, free and much more......

Improves your hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills. Have fun...:)
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