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Mixed Feelings

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hi guys it's me very popular and well-known "artist and author" Adam J. Kurtz i made a few books and art and i am always posting stuff about my feelings on the internet!!!

anyway here are some animated versions of my most popular work
• bottled up feelings jar
• you tried smushy star
• nothing matters black heart lol
• verified badge for when you need external validation
• everything will be so good so soon
• forever stamp
• follow back candy heart
• very blunt "follow me on social media" for when you're desperate
• and more!!!!

these are great for all types of situations such as "my friend is sad" or "idk lol i'm just saying hi" and will make your texts looks extremely nice and good i swear.

i am the author of a few books you might know of (probably not it's ok)
• 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion
• Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk For Now & Later
• What I Am TRYING To Say To You: 30 Postcards
• Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives
• OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone

anyway this is a sticker pack for people who like my art thank you for liking it. your purchase of this digital sticker pack enables me to live so it means a lot to me. also some of these are available as like, real life stickers (puffy stickers!!!!) on my website so it was funny to make digital stickers from my real stickers.

okay now i guess i'm just talking to myself here?? it's almost midnight on a friday night and not only did i not go out but i also didn't eat any dinner or barely speak any words out loud so that's just like, how my night is going i guess. the stickers are cute i hope and thanks for reading.
added a few gifs for no reason <3