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Tumble : Flip, Roll, and Dodge

Version: 1.0.9
Category: Games
22 day(s) ago
Price: $.99

Not rated
Experience light color and fast twitch gameplay with mind-bending flips and spins that is sure to challenge (and maybe frustrate) even the most hardcore of hardcore gamers. Tumble Slide will test your abilities to brink, and beyond.

Advance through 10+ patterns and levels by dodging obstacles at break neck speeds. Rely on split second reactions and instincts as you flip and rotate sideways to navigate through each diabolical level.

Fast-paced action game where players speed down an endless tunnel. Along the way, players will avoid obstacles and collect points by flipping upside down and rolling around the sides of the tunnel.

- Free to play
- Flip, Roll, Dodge and Survive
- Super gamemodes ( Classic - Infinity )
- Challenging and Addictive game suitable for everyone
- Share your high score
- Play anytime and anywhere

Enjoy a clean, minimalistic visual style that makes Tumble Slide a work of light color-fast abstract art.
- security bug fixes
- better performance